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Effective Education
Applied Scholastics Western Australia (Inc.)


Applied Scholastics™ Centres provide a range of educational services to children and adults of all ages and nationalities.  Our courses and tutoring programs are not just for students with learning difficulties, but also for students who wish to increase their learning ability.  We also have courses for Educators (in a classroom, workplace or homeschooling environment) so they are able to truly understand why their students are having difficulties and how to remedy this.

Applied Scholastics provides Courses and Tutoring to:
  • Students (Children)
  • Students (Adults)
  • Educators
  • Tutors
  • Home Schooling Educators
  • Parents
  • Foreign Language Students
  • Business Professionals
For those of you who find it difficult to attend our Centres due to distance or time, we also have Correspondence Courses available so you are able to study in the comfort of your own home.

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"Raising the Educational Standards Worldwide"