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What is Study Technology?

Mr L. Ron Hubbard developed Study Technology to help students truly understand what they study and essentially learn how to learn. Study Technology is the basis of all Applied Scholastics™ programmes and teaching methods.

Study Technology is a proven method of learning which identifies three primary barriers to study and provides the remedy for each barrier. It can be used by anyone in any area of learning. This method is not just for students having difficulty, but rather, an essential learning tool for any individual and will enhance their ability to study. The final result is an individual who is able to absorb information with full comprehension and will gain the ability to apply the material learned.

Study Technology consists of tools and techniques teachers can use to improve the learning rates of their students. It can be used by students to improve their ability to understand and use the materials they read and study.

Study Technology is not a collection of study tips or memory tricks, but rather a system of learning how to learn. Using Study Technology brings about an understanding that results in the ability to apply what one learns at school, in one’s work and in life.

Study Technology is not a study aid, memorisation technique, speed reading or rote learning and is not complicated or hard to learn. It is applauded because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Study Technology is something new in the field of education. It is the spearhead to a bright new world of understanding and achievement, and it forms the basis of the success of all Applied Scholastics educational programmes.
...Study Technology is a learning system that produces a greatly improved result when used exactly (by "technology" is meant the methods of application to obtain a specific result)...
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