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Effective Education
Applied Scholastics Western Australia (Inc.)

Our Aim

Study Technology contains the knowledge on HOW to study and learn effectively. It can also be used by any educator to assist a student to absorb information.

OUR AIM is to create independent learners who can absorb information and actually use what they have learned in their everyday lives; to provide vital tools and skills to educational professionals (in the academic field and workplace) through training in Study Technology; and to provide literacy programmes to people with reading, writing, spelling and comprehension difficulties.
People contact our Centres to find solutions to learning difficulties, such as:
  • a parent assisting their child with school work
  • a child or adult with reading problems
  • a teacher wanting solutions for their students’ problems
  • a high school student finding it hard to keep up
  • a university student who can’t recall data come exam time
  • an adult experiencing difficulty in the workplace
  • a foreign person learning English as a second language
... We provide the student with a vital learning tool for life ...
Not only do we assist the student with learning difficulties, but provide that student with a vital learning tool for life whereby they can help themselves to study and learn effectively. The Study Technology is a method of learning that can be applied by any individual to any subject.

"Raising the Educational Standards Worldwide"