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Effective Education
Applied Scholastics Western Australia (Inc.)


We are seeking like-minded people who have a passion for helping children and adults with learning difficulties by using the Applied Scholastics method of learning called Study Technology.

Licensees and staff at our Centres have undergone rigorous training to become qualified tutors/teachers in this effective method of learning. We are result driven and take pride in the results we achieve, together, with our students. Our students are treated with respect and we understand that not knowing the basics of English (reading, writing, comprehension, grammar and punctuation) and mathematics will have an effect on them for life.

All our Licensees are trained with the purpose of implementing a standard technology throughout all Applied Scholastics Centres worldwide so it will maintain effective results at all times.

The first Applied Scholastics organisation was formed in 1972 by educators from colleges, universities, and both public and private schools.

Currently, the Applied Scholastics’ network is composed of more than 614 schools, centres, community programmes and tutors who now operate in 64 countries over 6 continents around the world. Over 80 thousand educators, including teachers, business trainers, parents and tutors have been trained in Study Technology. To date over 19 million people from all walks of life have taken a course or service with Applied Scholastics.

If you are interested in starting your own Applied Scholastics Centre, please Contact Us to arrange a meeting with the Director.

Become an Applied Scholastics Tutor

An Applied Scholastics Tutor assists the student to understand the definitions of misunderstood words and symbols in a subject being studied, by using our unique method of learning called Study Technology. The end result is a student who understands the reason WHY studying a subject can be challenging; the student also acquires knowledge and skills to remedy study barriers in future learning.

Strong emphasis is placed on the quality of communication between the tutor and student, and in pinpointing the exact areas of difficulty.

Below is a list of courses that are recommended for Tutor Training.
Progressive Tutoring Tools
Communication Skills
Basic Study Manual
Grammar and Communication
The Australian Modern Phonics Course

"Raising the Educational Standards Worldwide"