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Effective Education
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Learning Barriers

Overfilled class-sizes, economic disadvantages and "learning disorders" are common. Yet underlying all of this, there are three primary barriers that keep one from successfully studying a subject. Despite all that has been written on the subject of study, these three barriers were never isolated as having such importance in effective education.

This is not attention deficit disorder, emotional problems or stupidity at work. This is the emotional or physical reactions a student of any age will experience when encountering one of these barriers to learning.

Students fail to learn because no one has ever taught them how to learn — how to identify the barriers to learning and how to overcome them.

What are the three primary barriers to learning? The answer is found in Study Technology, central to which is the delineation of these barriers to study. Never before recognised, these yet constitute the primary reasons for educational failures.

"Raising the Educational Standard Worldwide"