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Learning How to Learn

This course is the most basic Applied Scholastics study book and the one that introduces young children as well as adults to Study Technology. It is also an appropriate tool that can be used as an initial instruction programme for teachers, tutors and parents in the use and implementation of Study Technology.
It is uniquely designed to approach on a gradient the subject of study barriers by way of practical drills and essays which enable you to overcome these barriers.

Study Skills for Life

This course provides further education in Study Technology. It can be studied by teenage students and adults alike.
This course contains knowledge on how to overcome the barriers to studying any subject. Through practical application students acquire the skills necessary to ensure that their future study is bright and that they can apply what they’ve learned to their life.

Basic Study Manual

This course provides a more comprehensive education in Study Technology than the other basic study books. It can be studied by high school students and adults to improve their ability to use what they study. Professionals can also improve their competence in the workplace.
There are practical drills and essays that are designed to ensure you will be able to apply this technology to yourself and to others.
This course covers the primary barriers to learning and how to overcome them with practical application, procedures and methods. This is the fundamental breakthrough to study and how to learn effectively.

How to Use a Dictionary

This course provides students with the means to get the most out of their education. Students learn everything from finding words quickly to understanding the symbols in dictionaries.
There are practical skills that are fun and easy to do that increase the student's willingness to use a dictionary.

Grammar and Communication

This course utilises simple text and clear explanations to provide students with the basics in grammar, spoken communication and written communication. This course is written in simple English and is key in preventing students from developing an all too common distaste for the subject.
The easy practical drills in this course ensure that no aspect of grammar is left unlearned.
It helps students clarify grammar with the purpose of improving their ability to communicate in speech and writing.
Main topics covered: Parts of speech (noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, etc.), punctuation, sentence structure, letter writing structure, homonyms and how spoken and written communication began.

                                                                       THIS COURSE IS ALSO AVAILABLE BY CORRESPONDENCE
Communication Skills (adults)

Education can take place in a classroom, homeschooling, tutoring, university or workplace environment. A vital ingredient in successful education is the quality of communication between the educator and student.
In this course, educators learn the essential formula of communication and how to apply this in any instructional situation.
Communicating is Fun (children)

This course helps children feel confident in life. The world is open to a child who knows how to communicate well.
This course covers everything from overcoming shyness to being able to communicate ideas successfully to others. It also improves the child’s ability to understand what is being communicated.
It gives the child the ability to confront the pressures of his peers with confidence and calmness. The graduate of this course will have skills in life that will ensure their social interaction is successful.
How to Live & Work with Children

The purpose of this course is to give parents, educators and caregivers the knowledge required to care for or raise children who will be happy and conduct themselves in a well-behaved manner.
The practical drills and essays help ensure that the information about living and working with children is understood and can be applied with confidence, be it in the home, in an educational situation or in daily activities with children.
Progressive Tutoring Tools

This course provides the tutor or home schooling educator with specific skills to find where the student’s areas of non-comprehension are and to be able to remedy them. It provides key tools for boosting a student’s ability to understand and apply. The practical drills and essays are structured on a perfect gradient which are designed to instil confidence in the tutor and ensure correct application of the materials.
Teaching Tools for Success

This course provides educators with specific tools to increase the student’s ability to understand and apply what he/she is learning. It provides an educator with remedies to non-comprehension, slow students and tools for keeping a student interested and engaged. It is based on the Study Skills for Life book that teaches the basics of Study Technology.
Study Tools for Educators

The purpose of this course is to enable an educator to understand the fundamentals of the technology of study. Also, to acquire the tools for making the learning and teaching of any subject more efficient and effective. The graduate of this course will also be able to apply what they have learned to their personal and professional life.
This course provides educators with a more in-depth understanding of the technology of study. There is a gap that exists between teaching and comprehension. This course enables educators to easily bridge that gap and includes a checklist to develop lesson plans. The result is an educator who can get his or her subjects understood and students winning.
Fundamentals of Instruction

This course is to train someone to be an Applied Scholastics Instructor who can run a courseroom standardly and produce graduates who know and can successfully apply the materials they have studied. This level of training also qualifies the graduate to produce additional Instructors.
The Instructor will learn how to use teaching and instructing strategies as well as communication skills in managing the learning process of others. They will learn how to effectively lead a classroom with self-paced or seminar-style learning. Under supervision, the Instructor will practice these skills in a courseroom environment and then do an apprenticeship until all necessary skills are mastered.
Study and Training Tools for Professionals

Acquire the tools for making the learning and teaching of any subject in the work environment more efficient and effective; and learn the fundamentals of our method of learning called "Study Technology." The information contained in this course can be applied to one's personal and professional life.

"Raising the Educational Standards Worldwide"