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Applied Scholastics Western Australia (Inc.)

About Us

​The Director, Alison Tarrant, together with teachers and concerned parents, formed Applied Scholastics Western Australia after seeing miraculous results by using Study Technology on students, family and friends. This organisation is an administration and managerial body for all Centres in the state of Western Australia. We are responsible for the licensing and training of existing Licensees and their staff and any prospective Licensees so our method of learning, Study Technology, remains standard and effective.

Applied Scholastics™ Western Australia is a non-profit, charitable instutition having its Constitution approved and endorsed by DOCEP (Department of Consumer and Employment Protection). Therefore, we are legally incorporated. We have also obtained DGR (Debuctible Gift Recipient) status with the Australian Taxation Office - which means that any donations made to our School Building Fund are tax deductible.

Licensees and staff at our Centres have undergone rigorous training to become qualified Instructors and Tutors in the Applied Scholastics method of learning. All training is delivered with the purpose of implementing a standard technology throughout all Applied Scholastics Centres worldwide so it will maintain effective results at all times.

The first Applied Scholastics organisation was formed in 1972 by educators from colleges, universities, and both public and private schools.

Currently, the Applied Scholastics’ network is composed of more than 614 schools, centres, community programmes and tutors who now operate in 64 countries over 6 continents around the world. Over 80 thousand educators, including teachers, business trainers, parents and tutors have been trained in Study Technology. To date over 19 million people from all walks of life have taken a course or service with Applied Scholastics.

Whether you are a student or educator, please click on Services or Contact Us to see how we can assist you.

"Raising the Educational Standards Worldwide"