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First Barrier to Learning:

"Lack of mass (physical object) of what is being studied"

If one is attempting to understand the function and operation of a car or a computer or a solar system, the printed page and spoken word are no substitute for the object itself.

It would be difficult to understand how to use a computer for the first time if you did not have the computer there in front of you.

In fact, lacking the object associated with a word can inhibit all understanding.

Have you seen your children or students look like this when they study?
Perhaps you have experienced this yourself when you've tried to learn something.

A person studying a subject without the objects related to that subject will experience these and several other specific reactions.

Knowing how to identify and handle these reactions is vital to a student's ability to grasp and use a subject — and more than vital to a teacher's ability to get a student to learn the subject.

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